Mobile Dumpster Compacting Service in Pittsburgh, Butler and South Western Pennsylvania

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Our Mobile Compactor Crushes Dumpster Waste So You Save

Traditional waste management services do not compress trash or compact trash simply because the added hauling and emptying drives their profit. You wind up hauling empty space and paying for it.

We think that stinks.

Our waste management service doesn’t haul trash, it crushes it so you save on jobsite downtime, dumpster hauling fees, and the environmental impact of multiple trash removals.

What you can expect from our mobile trash compacting service:
  • Up to 56% reduction in dumpster fees
  • Reduced roll off dumpster volume up to 70%
  • Reduction in waste management hauls
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Reduction in job site downtime
  • Big savings + boosted profits
  • Satisfaction from knowing you’re saving time + money

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Be Green + Save Green

How much can Junk Crusher save you on your next dumpster rental? Check out some of these actual averages on waste types.


Green Waste

Packing / Pallets

General Construction

Office / Bag Waste

Crush Your Job Costs

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Office, Bag Waste & Construction
Packing & Pallets
Cardboard & Green Waste
Finally, see how your costs get crushed and your savings add up!
Cost Load Month Year
Regular Costs ${{ costPerLoad | currency }} ${{ monthlyCost | currency }} ${{ yearlyCost | currency }}
Cost After Crush* ${{ loadNewCost | currency }} ${{ monthlyNewCost | currency }} ${{ yearlyNewCost | currency }}
Your savings!** ${{ loadNewCostSavings | currency }} ${{ monthlyNewCostSavings | currency }} ${{ yearlyNewCostSavings | currency }}

*Actual load costs do not change your garbage contract. Crushing reduces the amount of loads, thus reducing your cost.

*Results vary based on material being crushed, average activity, and other factors.

Industries We Serve

  • Home Builders + Construction
  • Commercial Construction
  • Roofing + Home Renovation
  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution Centers
  • Recycling Centers + Providers
  • Demolition Services
  • Municipalities + Institutions

The Circle of Waste Management + Pollution

The EPA states the US transportation sector generates more greenhouse gas emissions than any other, accounting for 29% of the country's pollution. With every dumpster haul you make, you set the wheels in motion for a gas guzzling dumpster truck to release a substantial amount of harmful greenhouse gases into the air. This toxic exhaust creates air pollution from the moment the truck starts driving from the waste management facility to the time it returns your roll off dumpster.

How Most Trash Hauling Services Work:

  • When you make a dumpster unloading call to your trash service company, they will send a heavy weight gas burning dumpster disposal truck out to your location to get the dumpster. Depending on your worksite, this could mean driving 10+ miles to your dumpsters location.
  • Then, after loading up your filled dumpster, the truck now has to burn more fuel in order to haul the trash back to the waste management facility.
  • Finally, the truck returns to trash facility and repeats this process multiple times until your rental agreement or job has been completed.