Pricing & Savings

Variables that feed into our pricing structure are your number of dumpsters and number of sites. We guide you with a savings model that utilizes inputs you provide (your haul rates, # of dumpsters, current haul frequency & waste type). Your no-obligation free trial allows you to witness these savings before you ever agree to pay for any service.

BEST PRICE GUARANTEE: Because we are purely a local Western PA business as opposed to part of an out-of-state franchise and therefore do not incur hefty franchise fees, we guarantee our pricing to be significantly lower than any other dumpster compacting service. In addition, our mobile compactors are 3 ton and provide more crushing power than our competitors. You will achieve the best compaction results and therefore best value with the equipment we use to provide your service.

Warehouse Client Before Our Service After Crushing
Base Haul Fees(4 tons) + Charges $500 $500
Avg Tonnage Per Haul 1 4.0
Avg Hauls Month 4 1
Avg. # of Compactions Month 4 3
Monthly $2000.00 $875.00
Net Savings: $1125.00 per Month
That's a 56% Savings!!!