Save up to 50% on dumpster fees

You pay every time your dumpster is hauled. But dumpsters contain a lot of air, because trash does not stack up neatly. Our multi-ton mobile compactor crushes your trash in minutes, for a fraction of the price you pay to have your dumpster hauled away. We typically compact a dumpster 2 to 3 times between hauls. That saves you a lot of money.

You'll be helping the environment

Dumpster hauling is hard on the environment. Dumpsters are naturally heavy, and landfills are typically far from most customer sites. As such, dumpster hauling produces significant carbon emissions and highway wear and tear. Our service reduces hauls by up to 70%.

We work with all types of customers

We can serve customers in all industries, from manufacturing and distribution, to construction companies. Whether you have one dumpster, or dozens, we can help. Our equipment crushes and shreds pallets, and it make pancakes out of steel drums. About the only items we cannot crush are incompressible items like tree trunks and concrete.

Compacting Percentages

Packing/Pallets 50-60%

Cardboard 75%+

Office Waster/ Bagged Waste 33-50%

General Construction 33-50%

Green Waste 75%+