Junk Crusher: Mobile Waste Compacting Service FAQ

What is The Benefit of Using Our Mobile Commercial Trash Compactor Service?

  1. You will enjoy an immediate reduction in waste management fees right off the bat due to requiring fewer trash collection haul away service calls.
  2. Your crew won't have to waste time attempting to tamp down your dumpster's bulky waste with a front loader or forklift anymore.
  3. You will also gain a significant amount of space to keep filling your open top roll off dumpsters before needing to call for trash removal, allowing your workers to stay productive with fewer delayed downtimes.

How Can Junk Crusher Save Me Money On Roll Off Dumpster Costs?

By helping you reduce the number of costly waste management dumpster trash removal hauls performed, you will see a substantial reduction in your monthly service dumpster fees.

What Are the Upfront Fees for Junk Crusher?

The good news is that there are no upfront expenses with Junk Crusher's mobile waste compacting services! That's right, none. You will only be charged when we perform a crush for you.

How Many Times Can I Have My Roll Off Dumpster Trash Compacted Before Emptying It?

You might be surprised to learn that you can have your open top, roll off dumpster compacted three or more times before needing to call for trash removal. For the greatest cost savings and reduction to your waste's ecological impact, we advise having at least two Junk Crusher trash compacting service calls performed on a roll off dumpster before calling your waste management for trash removal.

Are Junk Crusher's Services an Eco-Friendly Waste Management Solution?

You bet it is! By reducing the number of roll off dumpster trash removals you require, you are also reducing your carbon footprint by decreasing the number of round trip hauls made by a gas-guzzling roll off dumpster truck.

While a Junk Crusher truck takes on average 10 minutes to complete a dumpster compactor job before driving a short distance to our next customer's location, waste management will spend hours on the road driving to pick up, empty, and return your dumpster.

That is A LOT of needless truck carbon emissions created for a dumpster that is likely filled with mostly air pockets and only partially filled with actual solid waste for disposal.

Will My Dumpster Company Allow Me To Compact My Roll Off Dumpster Rental?

What you choose to do with your solid waste disposals and construction debris created at your working location is your business and yours alone.

In fact, the law provides legal protection for your right to manage accumulated trash at your business place however you see fit, including the right to have your bulky waste compacted.

How Much Time Is Needed For Each Trash Compacting Session?

You can expect each Junk Crusher commercial trash compactor service to take about 5-10 minutes, depending on the type of solid waste disposal you are doing and the level of trash in the dumpster.

Do I Need to Set a Schedule or Adhere to a Limited Number of Trash Compacting Calls?

Not at all! You can contact us anytime to book a crush.

If you would like to save even more, we provide cost-saving benefits for our customers on scheduled crushes with a subscription plan.

Does Junk Crushers Service The Type of Roll Off Dumpster Rental I Have?

We specialize in providing open top roll off waste compacting services for 30 and 40-yard tall dumpster rentals. We do not provide dumpster compactor services for concrete/masonry material demolition or construction waste-filled "low-boy" dumpsters.

What Kind Of Trash Can You Compact?

We can perform commercial trash compactor services on just about any type of solid waste disposal you have, EXCEPT for masonry and concrete materials.

Do You Have Any Restrictions On My Dumpster Rentals Waste Weight?

Good question! This is one of the very reasons we do not do not crush dumpsters that hold large amounts of concrete/masonry materials. However, roll off dumpsters with 5% or less of these materials is acceptable.

Adhering to this stipulation on our commercial trash compactor services allows us to help you ensure that you won't run into any potential issue of exceeding your dumpster rentals weight restrictions.

Are Commercial Trash Compactor Services Safe for My Dumpster Rentals?

Rest assured, Junk Crushers trash compacting services are completely safe for your dumpster rentals. What is not safe for your open top roll off dumpster rental is using front-loaders and forklifts to compact your dumpster's bulky waste in place of a commercial trash compactor.

The 3-ton drums on our mobile waste compacting trucks are engineered with safety guards that prevent any chance of the steel spikes, or any other part of the compactor drum, from coming in contact or damaging the roll off dumpster container.

What If Waste Management Issues Me A Damage Claim On My Dumpster Rental

We ensure you have 100% coverage in the case of a dumpster damage claim thanks to the onboard video camera-equipped to the compacting arm on every one of our trucks. That's right, we continuously record and store videos of every commercial trash compacting service we perform to protect you, and Junk Crusher, from damage claims.

While we have NEVER had a single incident with a roll off dumpster being damaged, the video evidence will always be there to prove any potential fault if a dumpster we serviced ever did endure damage. Of course, if our services were ever to cause damage to your roll off dumpster rental, we will always accept full liability.