Secure Product Destruction

No one wants to see good products go to waste. However, products that are off-specification, expired, outdated, or have been recalled or discontinued can be a liability to your brand. Even high-quality overstocked inventory or excess packaging can pose a threat to your business’ bottom line by taking up valuable warehouse storage space. Typical landfill disposal of these items exposes your product to the gray market; without certified product destruction, your product may be intercepted during transportation or disposal and resold to customers. Our secure, confidential, and environmentally-friendly product destruction services may be the solution you need.

Top Reasons to Use Certified Product Destruction Services

  • Brand Protection
  • Product Integrity
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Limiting Liability
  • Warehouse Storage Constraints

Whether this is a one-time bulk material destruction request, or an on-going certified destruction program, Junk Crusher can create a custom product destruction plan to protect your brand and business. Contact us for your free quote today.

Destroyed Product Types

If it’s time to clean out more space in your distribution warehouse, or if you’re responding to a product recall, certified product destruction can protect your business from unnecessary liability and costs. Junk Crusher has experts in bulk material destruction and disposal for many types of products. Some of the most commonly destroyed product types are listed below.

Types of Products We Destroy

  • Off-Specification Products
  • Excess Packaging
  • Non-hazardous special waste
  • Overstocked Inventory
  • Outdated or Expired Products
  • Recalled Products
  • Proprietary or Sensitive Equipment
  • Returned Products
  • Discontinued Products
  • Faulty, Defective, or Otherwise Substandard Products
  • Obsolete Products
  • Prototypes

Product Destruction Methods

We can assist you in getting a dumpster, and we can crush it. You can rest assured that we have the product destruction solution that’s right for your business. Photos and certificates will be provided upon completion.

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